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Monika von Sury
Doctor of Economic and Social Sciences

Swiss by nationality, married, and mother of two now grown-up children. Studied languages at the University of Geneva: German, English, French, Persian. Other languages: Ancient Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Modern Greek, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, Swiss German. Studied political sciences at the University of Geneva and the Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales (IUHEI), Geneva.

Three kinds of professional experience

ScienceResponsible for teaching and research at the University of Geneva, the University of the United Nations (UNU), Tokyo, and the Graduate Institute of Public Administration (IDHEAP, Institut de hautes études en administration publique) of Lausanne.Has authored scientific publications in various subject areas (public administration, alternative development and information policies).

Corporate management Marketing Director in two small-scale enterprises active throughout Europe.Founder and Managing Director of Royal Line.

Church responsibilitiesSpiritual counsellor and teacher in the bilingual congregation “Assemblée Evangélique de Saint-Laurent”. Has composed educational texts on selected biblical topics in French and Spanish.

Board member of the Swiss Association of Christian Business People:


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